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Do I need to be a Mounties Group member?

No, but as Major Fun Freshwater is located within Harbord Diggers and you will need to comply with the Club’s standard rules of entry (i.e., visitor, reciprocal member etc.). However, if you are a Mounties Group member you will receive discounts on entry and all in-house purchases.


Can I leave my children there any time?

No, all children must be supervised by a parent or guardian (minimum 18 years old) at all times when visiting Major Fun. The only time you can leave children with us is during Drop & Dine sessions.


Why can’t I bring my own food?

Many children suffer food intolerances, so to ensure we can control our environment we cannot allow outside food of unknown composition to be brought in. You may, however, bring in fresh fruit and vegetables, drink bottles and baby formula. If your child has special dietary requirements, please speak to the reception staff upon your entry.


Do I need to book?

Generally we are well prepared for lots of customers, but if you have a large group coming in, booking ahead isalways preferred, that way we can make sure we can cater to your specific needs.


Do you have discounts for regulars?

Mounties Group members also receive a discount on entry fees and in-store purchases.

Please be aware, that we have session bookings times on Saturdays and Sundays
to accommodate and manage a high demand to our play centre, whilst ensuring adequate space.

Please pre-book your weekend session to avoid disappointment.



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